The theme of this third edition was “contemporaneity”, which is not only the simple present time, but is also the time we share all together or the time which is eternal or transient, finite or infinite, or… how can we say… what lies in the middle between the past and the future.

The point is that the art world is engaged in a complex analysis of what contemporary can exactly mean, what and when is possible to talk of contemporary. And the video art is the medium of the contemporaneity for excellence. So also this year the VAA gives us an idea of the situation. 10 video art works were selected in the TOP10, 5 from Italy and 5 from South Africa. Among these the prize with the trip was awarded to Liza Grobler (South Africa) and Giulia Savorani (Italy).

For both winners who met in Italy last September and then again in South Africa in December it was an opportunity to know each other and discuss.

The VAA is promoted by Centro Luigi Di Sarro, which is a-not-for-profit cultural organization, based in Rome and named on Luigi Di Sarro, who was a multidisciplinary artist, with a deeply experimental mindset. To date 30 artists have benefitted from the promotion and 6 of them got the trip-prize of VAA project.

“All of them form a large network of dialogue between Italy and South Africa, between Europe and Africa. Art is in great needs of knowledge and experience. But art is also in great needs of dialogue. Nothing can be created by being closed and alone. This is the idea that Luigi Di Sarro had of Art and Life, and this is what we try to carry out in his name”, says Alessandra Di Sarro, the project curator.

The projection took place on December 9th 2022, at UJ Arts Center. The VAA had the contribution of the Italian Cultural Institute in Pretoria, of the General Consulate of Italy in Johannesburg and of Rainbow Media NPO.

On the platform WWW.VAA.ZONE, there is an archive of the Video Art Awards where is possible to find the video art works selected by the various editions of the contest.