The VAA is a competition dedicated to the moving image in contemporary art, conceived and promoted by the Centro Luigi Di Sarro. It is selective collection of videos that focus on artistic imagery, works that seek and stimulate every possible experimentation. The works participating in the tender launched between Italy and South Africa have been divided into two sections, Italian and South African. The jury panel chose 5 finalists for each section, creating a Top10 and among these it awarded  two winners.

The aim of the competition is to create a bridge between the two countries and for this reason the prizes consist of a trip to participate in the screening evening and a one week stay in Italy and South Africa respectively. The award is also an opportunity to encourage the artistic production of the moving image, identifying, promoting and rewarding the best and most innovative works according to some guidelines:

  • Identify and promote artistic production through the audiovisual medium.
  • Offer a limelight to the experiments in the audiovisual field that use new technologies and creative innovations.
  • Develop opportunities for exchange and dialogue on issues that include the environment, the economy and socio-cultural identity at a national and international level.
  • Encourage dialogue between public and private institutions engaged in the promotion of videoart in the countries involved.

On the web platform an Archive of past editions of the VAA has been created, with the selected videos and information on the authors. The platform also collects materials and webinars, recordings and a photo-gallery of the VAA promotional events.

The ceremony in Italy took place in Verona on September 2022 under the umbrella of GRENZE – Arsenali Fotografici Festival who invited the winners and showed the entire top 10 of finalist videos.