The starting point is the Woodstock station, but the path is done on foot, walking through the streets where once there was the sea, and this is the first discovery that visitors make during the exciting ride through one of the trendiest neighborhoods of Cape Town.

Elena Giustozzi, Caterina Silva and Luca Coclite, italian artists in Cape Town thanks to the ARP-Art Residency Project and VAA-Video Art Award organized by the Centro Luigi Di Sarro, respectively with the contribution of Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Italian Institute of Culture, among the many activities have been in Woodstock with the guidance of Massimo Dal Corso the founder of Animatours

The path to discover the public art and design district runs along the two lines that cross the old port area, now completely renovated. The streets of Woodstock are undergoing continuous changes under the impulse of unbridled building development and gentrification is creating many imbalances: the destruction of many old houses, demolished to put in their place new buildings that will largely host offices and hotels.

But what the tour offers is above all the visit of the street art that fills the streets and the alleys of Woodstock and that has changed its appearance.
The district is a kind of open-air art gallery. Over the last few years there have been many local and international artists who have come to Cape Town to leave their works on the walls of the houses, but also still abandoned and ruined corners or parking spaces.
And cars, which often seem to be disturbing the vision of the murals, sometimes end up becoming themselves contour elements at work.

Some walls in time are scratched, some paintings are covered or replaced by a new one. It is the destiny of Street Art, still looking for its definition and its codified space. Woodstock changes day by day and always promises new discoveries: as well as the tour that now reaches the neighboring Salt River district and that accompanies step by step in the discovery and understanding of a Cape Town area that concentrates in itself history, art and social life .