A work that declines the contemporary to take with you in a hand luggage. This was the bet for 5 winning artists and one curator of the eighth edition of the ARP – PACK AND GO competition. An itinerant workshop between Rome, Vlore and Amsterdam to discuss and investigate the notion of the contemporary.

ARP – Art Residency Project is the program of artistic residencies, conceived and implemented by the Centro Luigi Di Sarro, with the aim of promoting a willingness to intercultural dialogue and the comparison of practices and methods in the world of art. For its 8th edition, it has promoted the PACK AND GO formula, that is the bet to conceive and create a work that represents one’s idea of ​​contemporaneity and that is easily transportable to allow maximum mobility.

We have come from a difficult two-year period and also for the artists the slowdown, if not the forced lockdown, of social relations has represented an emotional and practical obstacle. The ARP program has always worked by promoting educational trips, but in the recovery after the pandemic we wanted to go further and try to cross not only geographical but also emotional borders.

It was thought that a project that started from the questioning of the idea of ​​the contemporary would offer fertile ground to return to dialogue, confrontation, opposition and sharing. And the ideal journey from east to west between borders of an Europe, at this time as never the navel of the world, has offered historical, human and cultural insights to the investigation.

ARP thus traveled, worked, studied and finally showed a possible synthesis between different places, poetics, techniques and people.

ARP is a project by Centro Luigi Di Sarro supported by Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The VIII Edition had also a contribute by General Consulate in Vlore, Italian Cultural Institute in Amsterdam, Media Aid Onlus and Rainbow Media NPO.